Team Sweet Drie

Dylan Rovroy




I have had type 1 diabetes mellitus since I was 1.5 years old, in fact I don't know any different. I know what it's like and that it can be very difficult at times. I have seen that the children in Indonesia do not get the opportunities that I have. I hope to be able to give the children in Indonesia a future as well. 

Claudia Rovroy




I am the mother of Jordy and Dylan, the name Sweet Three also came about because the three of us set this up and Sweet comes from sweet from diabetes. I am proud of my 2 boys for being so committed to the children in Indonesia, and how they are in life. I support them 100% in that.

Jordy Rovroy




I am Dylan's older brother and deal with diabetes on a daily basis. I know how difficult it can be sometimes. The kids in Indonesia don't have medical help or guidance like my little brother. I want to show the kids there that you can have a future.

Natascha Vellinga




I support Sweet Three because I also want to give the children with diabetes in Indonesia a future. They often don't have that now. I want to give them a few unforgettable days and show them that you can have a good life despite diabetes. And that you can also do what you like, like playing soccer.


Next year I will also join Sweet Three to Indonesia. Because I work with people with diabetes every day, as a practical nurse, I know better than anyone how important it is to exercise and eat healthily. This keeps diabetes under control and in many people you can even prevent them from developing diabetes. In 2016 I saw for myself that exercise and healthy eating are not self-evident in Indonesia. I would like to contribute to change this. Let children see and experience that, even if you are sick, exercise is the best medicine.  And to do this with this fantastic team is an extra plus. Let's try to keep the children in Indonesia healthy, because even in those children type 2 diabetes occurs.

Yalin Hoang




Since I heard of Sweet Three through Jordy it immediately appealed to me. I like being able to help people but this was something new for me. It's very nice that they can do things for children there in Indonesia who no longer have a good future because of their illness. I want to be a part of showing that you can also play sports with diabetes. I think it's very nice to dedicate myself to that and also do my part.


The things I saw with my first trip with Sweet Three were very beautiful. All the children who were so happy to see us and that made me very happy. Both the kids in the school and the kids on the soccer field and the kids in the prison. That gave me satisfaction to see those children so happy for example through a soccer clinic.


That's why I hope to be a part of Sweet Drie for a very long time to come. And also that we will achieve a lot with Sweet Drie and make sure you can play sports even if you have diabetes.

Marjanne Visser




In the summer of 2020, I met Jordy, Dylan and Claudia and they told me a lot about Sweet Drie. Their stories are full of passion and enthusiasm and I am completely hooked!


I think it would be great to contribute to this foundation and together raise awareness about diabetes, show the children in Indonesia how to live healthier lives and make sports fun.

Jeroen Lezer

Supervisor (living in Indonesië)



In 1986, Claudia's father was our platoon adjutant. He taught me a lot and formed me mentally on a military and business level at the Koning Willem III OCKMAR barracks in Apeldoorn. An unforgettable time.


Some time ago Claudia asked me to help out in Jakarta for Sweet Three. This was not a difficult choice for me because I myself am diabetic and have loved soccer since my early childhood. I am a "soccer animal" so to speak and I am crazy about children.


I know how difficult it is as a diabetic to deal with issues such as nutrition, blood sugar testing and measuring and exercise through sports. It is already difficult for any diabetic, let alone Indonesian children who do not always have the means at home to pay for everything. That hurts my heart. That is why I am happy to help.


It is very important that children here with diabetes learn sports and have the opportunity to play sports such as soccer. Main Sepak Bola yuk!


I will continue this work which is an honor and challenge for me to do. The children need it so much.



Let's do it!

For the extra helping hand!

Lucas Hartman


Freddy Rovroy

Dewi Houthoff

Noortje Houthoff

Swen Rovroy

Patrick Taribuka

Chayenne Taribuka

Jur Driessen

Damon Kruizenga

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