Project 2016



These preparations began thick a year before our project. It started with a tournament, where they had said we could win a cash prize. A team with volunteers from ESA Rijkerswoerd B2, among others, we went there, and they battled .... and became champions. Unfortunately, we were cheated and the cash prize was for the seniors. We went home with (only) a big trophy and 2 euros found on the field. This 2 euro is still on the trophy. Then many small actions of car washing, baking cakes and spring rolls and collecting empty deposit bottles, we finished with the same tournament in Almere and now we were entered in the seniors. Unfortunately that was too tough and we did not win but what a commitment, great!

In addition to these small actions, we organized a Benefit Evening in GelreDome on February 16. We were very nervous because we had planned a big event. And what a turnout at our Benefit Evening in GelreDome, beautiful location and great decor and catering from Buitenpoort. All this made for a successful evening. The guests were welcomed with a delicious cocktail and pianist made by Stephen de Ruyter of Suara Gembira.


Dylan himself opened the evening and was followed by the speakers, Annemarie Rulos van den Berg (Child Support Indonesia), Esther Janssen (pediatric diabetes nurse) and author Pedro Kneepkens. Great performers: Wieteke van Dort "tante Lien", Dewi van der Duim and of course Ricky Risolles who introduced singer Suzanne Rastovac. Gerard Yntema conducted the auction top notch, we can speak of a top evening!



Thanks to Remco Liet of Relite Productions@Events:

The journey


On July 12, we were finally able to leave. We worked hard for it and now we were going....


Through our contact person in Indonesia, we got in touch with Rochi Melkiano Edfen Putiray. A well-known top soccer player in Indonesia. Rochi has set up a soccer school for children with disorders, among other things. Children with retardation, asthma etc. Like us, he wants to show that children with chronic diseases can also play sports and of course healthy children can play soccer with him. Every child is welcome. He was very happy with our coming and education. As he said, finally parents are listening, especially when it comes to health, nutrition and discipline.

We were also invited to play a Charity game together with all the celebrities from in Indonesia. These include actors who work for charities. This also allowed us to put our project on the map. Help from all sides. With 30 degrees, wind chill 40 degrees on artificial turf, we did great.

Everywhere we were in contact and everyone wanted to have their picture taken with us. At the square, where café Batavia is also located, we were inundated with people who wanted their picture taken.

On July 18, we flew to Batam, where we received a warm welcome. There we started doing home visits. This certainly put our feet on the ground. And how wonderful that an organization like Child Support Indonesia, Yayasan Setara Kita, is committed to helping children from the villages.

2 days we were invited to the prison for education, sports and exercise. We went in open and didn't know what to expect. Beyond the great activities, we were able to talk with the 40 prisoners (ages 12-18). It was an intense experience for all of us. In prison they will not forget the word SHOOTTTTTT. We are certainly not forgetting these 2 days and beyond our project we want to continue to support these children. This month we sent money so the boys can eat fruit.

The next day we were invited to an SLB school. At this school there are also blind and deaf children. Also these children can "do anything" that is what we stand for. And how much they enjoyed themselves. Although we are not sure how the girl who stood a little too close to Dylan's buttocks experienced it. When Dylan explained about his insulin pump and then lowered his pants a bit to show his IV. Cookie hopping became crackers, less carbs! 

Finally, we visited a hospital on Batam. Here we were welcomed by the director. They were very impressed with the insulin pump. We placed a new drip on Dylan on the spot. For us a perfect day and conclusion of our project. Showing that with medication, sports and exercise you can just "live" as a healthy person. After this meeting, we were shown around the hospital. The story progressed faster than we walked and Dylan literally and figuratively got his butt kicked on this project.


We were still challenged to play a game against the hospital. After making it clear that it should be 6 against 6 (there are 6 of us top football players). They stood with more than 20 men and we with 6 of us. We rose to the challenge. We had 1 substitution for 10 minutes and we were proud that Danny jr wanted to fill in for a while.



Played against nurses, doctors etc we won the game 12-2.

We are far from reaching our goal but what a success this was!