Projects Sweet Drie

Project 2022


In November 2022, Team Sweet Three traveled to Indonesia. Here we sat down with our new volunteer Jeroen Lezer. In addition, we met with Cila. Cila is 7 years old and has had Diabetes Mellitus type 1 since February 2022. Because we only decided to travel to Indonesia at the last minute, we did not have time to plan other activities. However, as a team we did climb 2 volcanoes 2 nights in a row to show that sport and exercise is also very good for diabetics. Anything is possible with the right guidance and help! 


Want to read more about our meetings with Jeroen, Cila or about our mountain climbs? Read more below!

Project 2020 & 2021


Unfortunately, we had to cancel this trip due to COVID-19.... Despite this, we have not been idle!


Project 2016


Diabetes in children is a growing problem in Indonesia. By educating parents and children we want to make them aware of the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle.

In Indonesia, people suffering from diabetes often see the disease as an obstacle; a hindrance in, for example, a career as a top athlete. It doesn't have to be that way. With proper medical care, it is not dangerous to engage in top-level sports, for example. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, not everyone still has access to proper medical care.


In 2016, Sweet Three took a bigger approach. The preparations started early and in July, Team Sweet Three and Child Support Indonesia traveled to Indonesia to provide information and clinics. 

Project 2014


In July 2014, Dylan left for Yogjakarta with his brother Jordy Rovroy and his mother Claudia Rovroy and gave a very successful soccer clinic to the children of the community center.


The soccer clinic was supposed to be an eye-opener for children with diabetes, another chronic illness or disability, because a (chronic) illness does not have to be an obstacle to be able to achieve your dreams.

The beginning.....