Project 2022

Jeroen Lezer

In Jakarta, we met our new volunteer: Jeroen Lezer. It is nice to have someone in Indonesia who can already do some work while we are still in the Netherlands. 


Jeroen is 58 years old and has been living and working in Indonesia for 27 years. He has produced feature films and documentaries and has been acting in Netflix movies, among others, for 25 years. Jeroen also has his own film sales company through which he sells Indonesian film content to cinemas through distributors abroad and to streaming services.


In 1986, Claudia's father (founder) was his platoon adjutant.

For Jeroen, it was not a difficult choice to join the Sweet Three Foundation. Jeroen is a diabetic himself and loves soccer and sports.


Jeroen knows how difficult it is as a diabetic to deal with diabetes. Jeroen states: "If it is already a big deal for me and Dylan, for example, how difficult must it be for Indonesian children who do not always have the means at home to pay for everything. That hurts my heart. That is why I like to help. It is very important that children here with diabetes learn sports and have the opportunity to play sports.


I will continue this work which is an honor and challenge for me to be able to do. The children need it so much."

Meeting with Cila

Cila is 7 years old and lives with her mother and sister in Depok, Indonesia. In February 2022 their lives changed, Cila was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 1. 



Cila and her mother were told what all she needs and was referred back to the outlet. Without any information, guidance and or medical support, the family is trying to survive. They searched the internet themselves for supplies and tools and this is how they ended up with the Freestyle libre sensor. The mother pays for these sensors (€ 120.00 each), insulin and medication herself. With 2 jobs, all her income goes to the supplies for Cila.... 



Through an acquaintance of Team Sweet Three and the mother of Cila, we got in touch and met. In this we told about Diabetes Mellitus type 1 and discussed with her everything you need and need to know, think about the information about the different insulin, carbohydrates, sports and exercise. A whole new world opened up for them.... 



Unfortunately, this is the case for many people in Indonesia. On behalf of the Sweet Three Foundation, we will try to guide and help Cila, her mother and sister towards a good future. Hopefully this will open several doors. All help is welcome!


Unfortunately, we had decided late to travel to Indonesia. This made it difficult to plan other activities with kampungs, schools and children. Because of this, we decided to show ourselves that you can do an awful lot with diabetes. Part of this was to climb 2 different volcanoes 2 nights in a row: The Bromo & Mount Ijen. 



The Bromo:


The first night we climbed the Bromo. The first part you walk about 2 kilometers on a sandy path after which the climb up begins. Once at the top you have beautiful views after which you walk the stretch back!


Mount Ijen: 


Mount Ijen is even a little worse than the Bromo. you start immediately with a climb up a paved sandy path. This climb is about 3 kilometers. Once you reach the top you go down into the crater. When you are down you have a beautiful view that includes blue fire. After taking some pictures the climb back up and then down again begins! 



2 nights where you have to deal with many different factors to consider. Think of course the miles you walk, the temperature differences, the altitude differences, the sulfur and the adrenaline. With this we wanted to show that also for diabetes sport and exercise is very good and with the right attitude, guidance and motivation a lot is possible for diabetics!